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Steles for tolerance worldwide

Tolerance unites. A network of people, who stand up for tolerance, is being created. The STELA is their symbol. Tolerance moves people to act. Join us – found places of tolerance, where the STELA will create awareness about tolerance. Join us – wear the pin.

Tolerance creates a future. The Network of Tolerance stimulates and motivates people toward tolerance. It offers a communication platform – online and at locations of the stela.

Art is luminously stimulating. The network of stelae is created in public spaces. The six-meter-high steel structures, which are also filled with components made of red glass, will become a crystallization point for places of learning and workshops of tolerance.

Art sharpens perception. The stela captures the observer’s gaze, thus inviting him to engage in profound introspection. Each location opens a different view of the stela, and the other person’s perspective is equal to yours.

Art allows a change of perspective. The stela inspires you to view the other person’s perspective using his eyes and to leave it be – the stela becomes a physical sign and medium for tolerance, its shape becomes a symbol of tolerance.

Tolerance needs friends. Become a part of the Network for Tolerance.